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Recent days I've been going through a faze, gazing down an empty
hallway all my night just seem to stay the same.
Sometime we just need to be rebooted,
power down the system let my mind become influenced.
Reach down deep,
muster up the courage
and get back on your feet.
Keep your hands clenched tight,
spit the dirt out your teeth. It's what you need.
Insist to stay stubborn you'll comprehend it when I'm finished,
until my body's decomposed and my spirit has been lifted.

This is the sound of inspiration,
we are the voice of a generation,
we are all you'll ever need,
we are all that you'll ever see.

The unrealistic is a fake as plastic looking picture,
never thought you'd ever have the guts to be different.
Dreaming of the west coast It's my mind I miss the most.
Chose the lesser of two evils and I flipped the script on them both.
Curse the day you ever let me trickle through your thoughts,
locate the highest point on this earth you can find me at the top.
Walk a path of well lit roads while juggling scissors,
hope floats in oceans filled with broken dreams and forty stitches.
Nothing is a perfect as it seems.
It's only ideas and feelings that last concepts and beliefs.

They say you live by the gun then you die by the gun.
I'd wash my hands of this mess if I could remember who I was.
No recollection of where I've been for the last three days,
open my eyes to the sight of the sun beating through the shades.
I swear I've woken up in much stranger places,
get instant shivers from a brush of the backside of your bracelet.
Don't keep the lion pent up in a cage.
Gotta let him roam free, current circumstances need to change.


from When Life Hands You Lemons​.​.​.​(​Deluxe), released September 11, 2016
Produced & Engineered by Thomas Iannello
Mixed & Mastered by Phil Dubnick



all rights reserved


J-Bones Orlando, Florida

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