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I'm all about the munchies, gonna creep into the kitchen,
going to heat me up some spinach. I can strengthen up
my vision.
I can't see into the future but i am gonna go real far.
I don't care if you don't like it, every word in from my heart.
I'm a sucker for good loving, round em up, and shoot em down.
This is my championship fight, I'll make sure to knock them out.

Baby girl come on a magic carpet ride.
We'll burn this town down and drift into the night.
Pack all your things because we're never going back.
Grab a dutch and let the smoke surround us.

Where are you going with my sweater?
I hand crafted every stitch.
I guess we're reaping what we sow, You stretch
the seems that use to fit.
No disregard for breaking hearts, I bare this cross of recklessness.
This time I'll be Aladdin, be my Jasmine once again.
Dust off my magic carpet, and float to where the story never ends.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.
Let the smoke create the clouds.


from When Life Hands You Lemons​.​.​.​(​Deluxe), released September 11, 2016
Produced & Engineered by Thomas Iannello
Mixed & Mastered by Gary Cioffi



all rights reserved


J-Bones Orlando, Florida

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