When Life Hands You Lemons​.​.​.​(​Deluxe)

by J-Bones

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    When life hands you lemons...(Deluxe)
    Features two unreleased songs
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When Life Hands You Lemons... has everything you could want out of a feel good album and shows the diversity that J-Bones is capable of. From the aggressive down beat vibe track that is “Green Machine” to the nod your head catchiness of J-Bones debut single “Love Drunk Punk”. The blend of hip-hop, reggae, punk and even a little hardcore has led to the creation of J-Bones sound.

“I find writing a song is much like constructing a puzzle, all of my songs start off as a simple melody in my head. Piece by piece they are put together until it becomes something I am truly proud of and proud to share with other people."

"we are all equal, we are not the same"

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released September 11, 2016

Produced & Engineered by Thomas Iannello



all rights reserved


J-Bones Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Love Drunk Punk
Don't chase trips unless your taste buds can take it.
Call me when you reach the bottom,
let's face it, an empty glass is never wasted.
My mouths been dry for more days then I even care to count,
your sent on my pillow how long will it take to fade out?
Like creatures of bad habits, anything to catch my attention.
Rapid tapping at my window plus bruises and bad acting.
Like creatures of bad habits, anything to catch my attention.
You got a hand full of rocks, you pull it back and have at it.

Love Drunk Punk. stand up to society.
Get out of my head because you're giving me anxiety.
Love Drunk Punk. Don't give into the wicked and the mad,
even when the world turns it's back.

No consequence no regret,
My heart beats out of my chest.
I'll take this chance with your bed,
You'd settle for nothing less.
You slur your word's like water racing down the sink,
the room begins to spin, I guess you've had way too much to drink.
Like creatures of bad habits, anything to catch my attention.
Wanting, waiting, wishing, admitting to something less fitting.
Like creatures of bad habits, anything to catch my attention.
Standing side by side it feels good to finally open my eyes.
Track Name: The Green Mile
Mr. Robotic, Mr. Green Machine.
He's got his head in the clouds,
he doesn't come down.
Mr. Robotic, Mr. Green Machine.
He's got what you need to let your mind roam free.

Twisted ambitious, mix of green side dishes.
Hops in the whip around 11:30.
Eyes on the prize he's quickly learning.
Restless pretentious, until his body's blessed with sky high sessions.
Ounces to the dome with absolutely no discretion.
Scourers the streets for the things he needs to help him sleep,
if you want to pass this up then step out of rotation.
He's got blood shot eyes and choking from the smoke inhalation.
Find myself trapped in his body feeling whole and less inpatient.

He's all wound up, he taps his toes.
Keeping rhythm like a river that flows.
He see's his mark he try's to reach it,
feet on the ground with the city beneath him.
Marching forward his hands stretch out,
losing faith in a world that's filled with doubt.
Breathing gets steady, pulse wears thin.
Coursing through your veins like little green men.
City lights burn so bright and violent, top of the summit
he shuts his eyelids.
With a deep breath he takes it all in,
transports himself to a world within.
Ignite my life this just feels right, promise not to make a scene?
We are one in the same. so take a ride inside my Green Machine.

He's the monster in your closet while your trying to sleep.
keep one eye open head for the streets.
There's no amount of blankets,
and no amount of sheets, that can keep you safe.
Don't fall asleep, keep your eyes on me, in my Green Machine.
Track Name: Never Going Back
I'm all about the munchies, gonna creep into the kitchen,
going to heat me up some spinach. I can strengthen up
my vision.
I can't see into the future but i am gonna go real far.
I don't care if you don't like it, every word in from my heart.
I'm a sucker for good loving, round em up, and shoot em down.
This is my championship fight, I'll make sure to knock them out.

Baby girl come on a magic carpet ride.
We'll burn this town down and drift into the night.
Pack all your things because we're never going back.
Grab a dutch and let the smoke surround us.

Where are you going with my sweater?
I hand crafted every stitch.
I guess we're reaping what we sow, You stretch
the seems that use to fit.
No disregard for breaking hearts, I bare this cross of recklessness.
This time I'll be Aladdin, be my Jasmine once again.
Dust off my magic carpet, and float to where the story never ends.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.
Let the smoke create the clouds.
Track Name: Yellow Brick Road (There's No Place Like Home)
You've got me walking down this yellow brick road.
You've got me searching for the things I need most.

Nothing less than picture perfect,
make me feel like I deserve it.
Running like a sprinter on a negative
repeating circuit.
Got me contemplating should I ever come home.
I try to reach out but you wont pick up your phone.
Two years I beat my head up against a wall that wont give,
now it's time to crumble like the wall of Berlin.
Twist my heart up, yup my shirt turns red,
wake up the beast that's living in my head.
Now I'm coasting through this city,
got this fire in my belly,
push the smoke out my mouth,
now my eyes are getting heavy.
I don't think that I can make it,
because I'll never stay complacent.
Put your best smile on,
even if you have to fake it.

Pennies for my thoughts,
razor sharp jars filled to the top.
I can't stop, put one foot in front of the other.
Most of my nights are spent alone in a marijuana slumber.
She's so sick of my medicated ways,
ties a rope around my legs so I can't float away.
Devilish and Diviner, sincere, but really don't care.
You stole my heart with all intentions to sell it,
Little did you know that our love was underdeveloped.

There's no place like home.

The feelings only temporary.
I'm nothing short of legendary.
Track Name: Voice of a Generation
Recent days I've been going through a faze, gazing down an empty
hallway all my night just seem to stay the same.
Sometime we just need to be rebooted,
power down the system let my mind become influenced.
Reach down deep,
muster up the courage
and get back on your feet.
Keep your hands clenched tight,
spit the dirt out your teeth. It's what you need.
Insist to stay stubborn you'll comprehend it when I'm finished,
until my body's decomposed and my spirit has been lifted.

This is the sound of inspiration,
we are the voice of a generation,
we are all you'll ever need,
we are all that you'll ever see.

The unrealistic is a fake as plastic looking picture,
never thought you'd ever have the guts to be different.
Dreaming of the west coast It's my mind I miss the most.
Chose the lesser of two evils and I flipped the script on them both.
Curse the day you ever let me trickle through your thoughts,
locate the highest point on this earth you can find me at the top.
Walk a path of well lit roads while juggling scissors,
hope floats in oceans filled with broken dreams and forty stitches.
Nothing is a perfect as it seems.
It's only ideas and feelings that last concepts and beliefs.

They say you live by the gun then you die by the gun.
I'd wash my hands of this mess if I could remember who I was.
No recollection of where I've been for the last three days,
open my eyes to the sight of the sun beating through the shades.
I swear I've woken up in much stranger places,
get instant shivers from a brush of the backside of your bracelet.
Don't keep the lion pent up in a cage.
Gotta let him roam free, current circumstances need to change.